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CR80/CR85 Complete Engine Rebuild Kit

CR80 1986-2002 CR85 2003-2004

This is every part needed to do a complete motor rebuild. This kit is the same price for the CR80 or the CR85. The CR85 kit can be installed on the cr80 with no other modifications at all. CR80 1995 and older must use the older style cylinder head. If older than 1996 subtract $50.00 if you need the cylinder but not the cylinder head.

1. Wiseco complete crankshaft assembly. Complete crankshaft assembly with wiseco Hot-Rod kit installed and factory trued. Retail $173.96 our price $139.00
2. Nikasil replated CR85 Honda cylinder with head studs and alignment dowels already installed. 1986-2004 Retail $328.64 our price $263
3. Brand new CR85 Honda cylinder head 1996-2004. Retail $70.96 our price $57.00
4. Wiseco piston kit 833M04750 CR85, 2003-2004 PRO-LITE 47.5mm Wiseco piston Kit (Piston, Rings, Pin and Clips) Retail $83.16 our price $67.00
5. (2) Crankshaft Main Bearings CR80/85 1985-2004 Retail $14.99 x 2 = $29.98 our price $24
6. K&S Complete Engine Gasket set CR 80/85 1983-2004. Retail $44.95 our price $36
7. K&S Complete Engine oil seal kit. CR 80/85 1983-2004 Retail: 39.95 our price $32
8. (8) 8mm nuts, 4 for cylinder hold down studs and 4 for the cylinder head.
9. (2)Cylinder base alignment dowels.
10. BR10EG NGK spark plug Retail $6.10 our price $4.00
Total Retail price is over $775.00
Our price $620.00 plus we will refund $50.00 if you send us your old cylinder and head.