Nikasil Replating




Welcome to the Nikasil plating page.

Refer to the charts below for pricing.

Allow 4 weeks turn around time. We do not offer faster service. If you are in a hurry please contact to send your cylinder directly.
Return shipping is free in the U.S.*

Ship cylinders to:
Lukes Racing
930 Wheatland rd
West Middlesex Pa 16159

Please include your name and telephone number in the package. We will contact you with an estimate when the package is received.

Sample Nikasil plated cylinders below
RM250KX60 DRZ400

We do not charge for stud removal/installation. As an extra step in our process all cylinders will be hand-washed after the plating is complete.

Machine work is done in house, and Nikasil plating is done at Millenium Technologies in Wisconsin.

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Nikasil Plating Single Cylinder

50cc to 120cc

125cc or larger

Strip, replate, diamond hone



Strip, overbore, replate, diamond hone



Strip, weld, bore, replate, diamond hone



Strip, detonation repair, replate, diamond hone



Powervalve Service

add $35

add $50

Additional services:

Hone(deglazing) - $25

Bore and Hone(cast iron sleeve) - $80

Nikasil plate cast iron sleeved cylinder - $240

Helicoil - $15

Decking $50

Machine cylinder base $60

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*shipping fees maybe applicable if package weight is over 20 lbs.